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ASHRAE 40-2014

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Model: ASHRAE 40-2014

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Standard 40-2014 -- Methods of Testing for Rating Heat-Operated Unitary Air-Conditioning and Heat-Pump Equipment (ANSI Approved)

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Published: 2014
ANSI Approved
Number of Pages:28
File Size: 1 file , 1.3 MB
Redline File Size: 2 files , 22 MB
Product Code(s): D-86112, 86112

Full Description

ASHRAE Standard 40 provides test methods for determining the heating and cooling output capacities and energy inputs of unitary air-conditioning and heat pump equipment that is heat-operated.

The 2014 revision of Standard 40 includes the following changes:

The Scope in Section 2.3 was revised to remove specific mention ofreferences and to clarify the intended scope
The definition of "batch process" was revised to eliminate use of the term "cycle"
Definitions were added for "electrically driven unitary air conditioners or heat pumps" and "heat-operatedabsorption chillers." Definitions for "heat-operated" and "heat-operated unitary equipment" were revised
Definitions for "section" and "sorbent" were removed
The unit conversions for temperature in the definitions for "standard air" and "standard temperature" were corrected
Sections 4(c) and 4(d) were revised to improve clarity
The title of ASHRAE Standard 37 was corrected in 5. 1(d)
The capacity range of Sections 5.2.1, 5.2.2, and 14.1.2 was revised to more closely align with current industry classifications
Section was revised for clarity
Section 5.2.3 was eliminated as it did not have enforceable requirements
Section was revised to increase the allowable heating value range for natural gas
In Table 5.3.1 (previously Table I), the Sl units for heating value were corrected. The default heat value for natural gas was revised. The source reference was removed
The wording of Sections 6.1.2,, R.2, 9.2.3, 9.2.4, 10.3.2, 1 1.1.3, 1 1.2.4, and 12.1.4. 1 were revised to usc enforceable language
Section 6.1.3 was eliminated as it did not have enforceable requirements
The references in Section 6.5 were updated
The footnotes from Section 6.6 were revised to direct the user to the correct portion of the standard
Tables 1 0.3.2 (previously Table 4a and 4b) were relocated
In Section 9.5 .1, the definition of qthi was revised
The alternative requirements for airflow measurement in Section I 0 were clarified. Additional alternative requirements are contained in the new 12.3.4
Sections 1 0.4. 1, 1 0.4.2, and 1 0.4.3 were revised for clarity
The option to usc mercury-in-glass-thermometers in Section 12.1 .1 was removed
The section that was previously numbered was eliminated
The suggested list of pressure measurement types was removed from Section 12.2.1
Section 14.1.l.h was revised to stipulate that it applied to electrical power
Section 16 references were updated and reorganized. References that arc not required for compliance with the standard were removed
Informative Annex A was revised to eliminate unnecessary material.

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