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Determining Fire Resistance - Concrete and Masonry (ACI 216.1-07 / TMS-0216-07)
This standard describes acceptable methods for determining the fire resistance of concrete building and masonry building assemblies and structural elements, including walls, floor and roof slabs, beams, columns, lintels, and masonry fire protection for structural steel columns. These methods shall be used for design and analysis purposes and shall be based on the fire exposure and applicable end-point criteria of ASTM E 119. This standard does not apply to composite metal deck floor or roof assemblies.

The primary intended use of this document is for determining the design requirements for concrete and masonry elements to resist fire and provide fire protection. Tolerance compliance to the provisions for concrete shall be based on information provided in ACI 117. Consideration for compliance to the provisions for masonry shall be based on the information provided in ACI 530.1/ASCE 6/TMS 602.