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NSF 60-2013

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Greener Chemicals and Processes Information (Co-published with GCI)
STANDARD published 08/01/2011 by NSF International

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Published: 08/01/2011
ANSI Approved
Number of Pages:88
File Size: 1 file , 1.1 MB

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The purpose of the Greener Chemicals and Processes Information Standard is to provide the chemical enterprise with a voluntary and standardized way to define and report the primary categories of information, their respective data elements, and data quality objectives pertaining to the relative greenness of a chemical product and its manufacturing process within one stage (i.e., gate-to-gate, as defined in 4) of its life cycle. This information shall be provided by suppliers to communicate clearly, with transparency and consistency, to help customers evaluate the relative greenness of a chemical product and process. The intent is for this information to be informative to life cycle assessments, but is not a life cycle assessment itself.

The Standard further stipulates reporting a minimum set of social responsibility criteria that are applied to the product and process claiming conformance.

For the purposes of this Standard, greener refers to the relative measure of ecosystem and human health impacts of a chemical and its process when compared to the same or similar chemical and its process.

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